If you are trying to change the look of the windows in your home or if you are choosing window treatments for your new home, there are some factors that you may want to take into consideration.  Many people will typically choose their window treatments solely based on the décor of the room.  Obviously we want our window treatments to accent the style of our room but have you ever thought of the fact that choosing the right window treatments for your home can also be energy and cost efficient?

Fort Myers, Florida is a wonderful place to live where you can enjoy a beautiful tropical climate year round.  Florida is nicknamed The Sunshine State because we have many days per year where the sun is shining and the average of days with sun in Fort Myers is 266 days.  With the warm tropical climate and the sunny skies, the temperature in the interior of your home is affected.  As the sun shines through the windows of your home it also warms the rooms.  Choosing the correct window treatments can enhance the look of your room while also being energy and cost efficient or “green.”

Plantation Shutters is a very smart choice when choosing window treatments that are both energy efficient and aesthetically appealing.  Plantation shutters allow you to control and adjust the amount of sunlight entering your home.  These types of shutters are custom cut to fit to the interior of your windows which helps to keep out the heat and harsh sunlight.  With less heat and sunlight coming in through your windows, the temperature in your house stays cooler and in turn means lower costs for your air conditioning bills.

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