Graber Window Treatments, Fort Myers

Graber window fashions are designed to do more than just cover windows.  Graber believes that form and function go hand in hand.  With great design comes many benefits.  Graber offers variable light control, it can insulate a room against heat and cold while saving energy.  Proper window treatments can protect your home furnishings from damage caused by UV rays.


Graber window treatments are offered in a wide range of product design and fabric.  We can consult with you what type would be the perfect fit for your home.  Every room in your house can be custom fitted with the design you like.


Why Choose Sunstate Blinds and Shutters

Sunstate Blinds and Shutters provides custom design and installation of Vertical Blinds.   Vertical blinds are a great way to add an elegant look to any room.  We can custom fit your vertical blinds to any size and color for you.  Our professional staff is here to assist you to make sure we create the look you want.  We can custom fit any of our vertical blinds to match any window size or shape.  At Sunstate Blinds and Shutters our main goal is to make what you want.

 Choosing The Right Window Treatment

  • Consider the purpose of the room, different rooms serve different purposes
  • Figure out the windows main function, is it for a view or for ventilation
  • Always consider the privacy for each room
  • Think about decor, what look do you want for that room

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